• 2019-05-25

Extend to work more walk differently this Ramadan

Extend to work more walk differently this Ramadan

Ramzan being most gracious and blessing month in the Islamic calendar, yet due to fasting many routines get less time, the working hours squeeze to almost a null such practices must be avoided norm, ensure to spread blessing as indeed its greatest time to get spellbound by collection & connection the spirituality.

Public dealing enclosures to normal routine must be more vibrant henceforth our learnings, increase & our earnings deliver pleasing blessing of RAMZAN ensuring a classic norm of practicing truly spirit of unanimous submission to ALLAH's will so be true to yourself lets embrace the harmony by indulging more, than avoiding workload, Fast with passion, perform with compassion & sleep less and engage maximum interactions.

After Fajr Prayer recite or listen to the Quran, on sunrise align your day work exercise for 30 mins and start working at 8 am till 2pm schedule meetings after 2 pm till 6 pm reach home at 6:15 and help family with creating a wonderful Iftar, enjoy a healthy iftar along offering Ebadaat with Family and sleep by 10 pm.

Managing time is the best remedy to optimize the Ramzan along its blessing be prolific, let us all proactively manage our selves in Ramzan & not let our fast decrease our performance by physical and mental means. Being disciplined is utmost as Discipline is the bridge between goals and Accomplishments.

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