• 2019-10-13

Hacked By ./[email protected] ID

Hacked By ./HiraruKun@InspeXted ID

Agree or disagrees, negate or aggregate this is first designed Tax amnesty launched as containing massive ambition to carter masses in the time of prime financial crisis. Yes, previously the current elected government opposed such schemes but this is an inevitable step as the room for back mass economy must be squeezed in order to align a consolidating financial policy.

Statecraft is also something that new government is intentionally trying their best to maneuver as this massive economic ranging bull must be reclaimed and held to the paced growth rate.

Striking massive highlights of this scheme;

4 % payment on the declared cash in nationally.

6 % payment on the declared cash internationally.

Expectedly nationwide a staggering 250 billion rupees hard black mass cash is present in the market which floats beneath and thus we face the influx of cash and inflation. Let’s hope that a full stack can be retained by this scheme.

International Cash is way beyond this but still on an expected scale it is more than 800 billion rupees went out by money laundry and by other means few slices of such amount can help us pass few stable fiscal budgets.

At last questioning everything and everyone I must say yes so far what we all did with this precious mother Land PAKISTAN is truly horrific and devastating but can we all just stop doing so remember we all must acknowledge that there is no other country we can claim our rights this time do what is right for PAKISTAN.





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