• 2019-07-31

Has real estate been Given a fair glance in Pakistan?

Has real estate been Given a fair glance in Pakistan?

World’s since the industrial revolution has delivered enormous growth in the real estate sector. Villages became town and towns become cities from there cities turned into a magnanimous metropolis. Every day had a new task for real estate to bring comfort and new business avenues and yet the world has developed the true methodology of providing real estate. Homes, Apartments, workplace, shops, villas, mansions, plaza, streets, roads, broadways & highways, this al largest real estate companies are listed on their respective stock exchanges. Around 25 realty giants that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), while more than 120 real estate businesses are present on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Real estate is the third-largest industry listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with 69 onboard companies. Unfortunately, none of Pakistan’s real estate companies is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange, except Dolmen City Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).
The market share of these companies is magnanimous. Listed companies are not only able to generate a continuous and substantial flow of revenues because of their greater public standing but also have got international recognition. These companies have huge investor base for people from any part of the world can purchase their shares.
Surprisingly, in case of Pakistan, the biggest real estate companies are absent on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), despite the fact that all of the country’s biggest groups engaged in property business meet the basic market capitalization limit of the stock exchange. This is why Pakistan’s real estate companies are unable to retain a plausible international presence. 

Zameenhomes is striving hard to help spread awareness to people for such important aspects. 

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