why Lahore Greenz ?

A & B Block of the project have already been sold out in a record time being the only Premium & delivered Farmhouse Community ever.

Ring Road phase II approach inclining to BRB just five minutes drive to Lahore Greenz will add value to the project.

Availability of Advanced Facilities and Ametities (including water fun park & sports complex required for standard and healthy living.

Approved from all Governing authorities makes it more diligence community.

The payment Structure allows investors & end-users to gain fruitful returns as Lahore Greenz stands loud amongst all other Farmhouse projects

Better Rates in comparison to other farmhouse projects in surroundings with more facilities.

Lahore Greenz by Zameen Homes
Lahore Greenz by Zameen Homes
Project of Zameen Homes
Lahore Greenz by Zameen Homes Pvt Ltd
Zameen Homes - Hum Janain Har Jagha.

پُر سکون، پُر آسآئش، لاھو گرینز۔

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Aditional Information

Address: 248-C Broadway Commercial DHA Phase VIII, Lahore (54000), Punjab, Pakistan.

USA : 11622. Lucasville Rd Manassas Virginia (20112) USA

Contact: +92 323 462 2223

USA Contact: +1 703-940-5226

Careers: [email protected]